Bar hours:
Summer Hours (start April 1st):
Monday thru Thursday 
3:00pm to 8:00pm
Friday 2:00pm to 10:00pm
Saturday 10:00am to 10:00pm

 Sunday 10:00am to 8:00pm
Bar hours:
Winter Hours (start November 1st):
Monday thru Thursday

4:00pm to 8:00pm
Friday 3:00pm to 10:00pm

Saturday 11:00am to 10:00pm
Sunday 11:00am to 8:00pm

South Milwaukee Yacht Club

Call (414) 762-9819

We are located between the cities of Milwaukee and Racine, Wisconsin.
Our 14 acre site has 95 slips, clubhouse w/ bar, fuel dock, fish cleaning station, outdoor pavilion, and 24/7 bathroom/shower facilities which are sustained, funded and maintained by Club members by our co-op style membership program.
More than 65 years of boating heritage is reflected in our commitment to family, friends & fellowship which makes SMYC a great place to visit, relax and catch up with old friends.

101 Marshall Avenue, South Milwaukee, WI 53172

   Our Club  

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Our 14 acre site has 95 slips, clubhouse w/ bar, fuel dock, fish cleaning station, outdoor pavilion, and 24/7 bathroom/shower facilities which are sustained, funded and maintained by Club members by our co-op style membership program. For membership contact Bryan Gahan:  906-369-4098. For Hall information and outside events contact Cheryl Rybka: 414-530-8770
                                            SMYC Juniors                                   

Membership &Youth Sailing Program

The SMYC Junior Program is open to all youth that reside within 35 miles of our club. Parents or guardians do not have to be a member of SMYC. The Juniors Program teaches boating and water saftey and encourages teamwork.  
   SMYC Sport Fishing Club    
The SMYC Sport Fishing Club is open to all members of the club that fish.
Most of us do some fishing for personal enjoyment with family and friends. This is a more organized event, about 1 time per month where not only are we sharing the enjoyment with the participants on your boat but with all the boats fishing in the contest. During the event we chat back and forth on Marine channel 68. We meet back at the Harbor by 11am. We all line up with our coolers weigh our fish by boat. This is a natural mixing with everyone to tell their fish story’s about the ones they got and the ones that got away! This group has never been shy about telling where, when what bait, what depths and all the details. We call it a contest but there is not enough money on the line to keep any secrets. When we get back we have a lunch available for a nominal charge that the whole club can enjoy.

Any questions?
Dan Moshinski    Aqua Condo     414-732-6544  or
Ron Ilk                Skipper II         317-538-3488

The Leader Board

The Leader Board is located is located on the Southeast wall of the bar area. It keeps track of the two largest Fish of each species by weight. It is recognition by boat.
At the end of the year, the largest 2 fish of each species will be permanently displayed on a plaque by the fireplace. The board is maintained by Paul Rozinski so if you have a big fish fill out slip in the electrical box behind the fish cleaning station. We also have an outside ice machine that is stocked and maintained by the fishermen that is located on the southwest slab. We collect a $10 fee per Boat/year to maintain the leader board, plaque, and for a key to the ice machine. Sign up at the bar and get your key before you go out this season. Start May 11 through September 22.
Any Questions?
Paul Rozinski  Salmon Fever 414-467-5830

Thursday Nite Fishing

The unofficial start of the weekend. Unlike a contest, this is a social event when we all get together to fish on each other’s boats. This is a good time for associate members or non-fishing members to ask a captain to come along. Most captains are agreeable especially if you bring snacks and beer!

Fishing Contest Rules

$35 per boat.  At least 1 person must be a SMYC member. Let Dan know if you’re in before you go out. Email, text or phone is ok. Monitor ch 68 on the marine radio.

Open fishing time: 4am rods in the water.  Must be back in the harbor at 11:00am.

Rod limit: 9

Scoring: 10 points per fish, 10 points per species, 1pt per pound.

Species: Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Coho Salmon, King Salmon.

Payout: $15 / boat will be put in a pot and split 75%/25% between the 2 largest of each species.  $20/boat will go to the boat with the highest point total.
3 points awarded for 1st place fish in each species 
1 point awarded for second place fish in each species
Total points of all species caught will be added up and  divided by the total money received to determine the dollar value of each point

Example: 4 first place species no 5th first place.                         12 points
                     3 second place species no fish in other species.        3 points
                                                                                                  Total                  15 points

The weight in will be at the club gazebo along with food at about 11:30 am. All are welcome!
Dan Moshinski        Cell:  414-732-6544
Ron Ilk                          Cell:  317-538-3488

    Club History     

A Quick View of SMYC

South Milwaukee Yacht Club (SMYC)
is located between the cities of Milwaukee and Racine, Wisconsin. It is a great jump off point to cruise the waters and western regions of Lake Michigan. More than 60 years of boating heritage is still reflected today in our commitment to family, friends and fellowship. We have a harbor accommodating some 95 boats on a 14 acre site, all of which is wholly sustained, funded and maintained through the efforts of our Club members. Continual development and improvements to the grounds and club house make SMYC a place to visit, relax and catch up with old friends.

Way back When:
November 13th 1950 saw Secretary for State, Fred. Z. Zimmerman approved the go ahead to incorporate the South Milwaukee Yacht Club to "develop and encourage boating, sailing and yacht building. The following October saw Mayor Charles Plotz of South Milwaukee approve lands for the new club opposite the city water plant.

Proud Past:
Club members, entirely through their own efforts and fund raising, have built the Club and its facilities into a thriving boating facility whilst remaining true to the original charter terms.

1952 saw the construction of the original club house.
1967 brought additions of a porch and interior refurbishing.
1971 additions were made to the rear of the club as membership grew.
1989 gave the club a new hall, bar facilities veranda and showers.
1994/5 a new gas dock and additional mooring places with new piers added.
In recent years the club has provided facilities to the South Milwaukee Fire/Rescue Boat ensuring safer and more protected local waters.
2006 saw a new outdoor pavilion and fish cleaning station plus significant landscaping around the grounds and entrance.
2010 the Club installed a mobile boat/travel lift, allowing easy launch/storage capability.

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